Case Study 3: Dental/medical property owner saved over $10,000 in first year tax payments and realized over $154,000 in first-year Net Present Value!

This Class A Office dental/medical center is an innovative, 3-story facility, constructed and placed into service in October 2007 with a total depreciable cost basis of $2.3 million. The building consists of 9,800 square feet of dental procedure, recovery, and office space

Case Study 4: Dental office owner retained $132,633 in first year income tax benefits!

This kid-friendly and family-friendly dentist office was constructed and placed into service in October. The dental buildings consist of 6,320 square feet of dental operatories, separate waiting room and game room, laboratory, and office space. The building also contains a 1,244 square foot separate office space that is leased to a builder.